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Celebrate love with Together designs from THOMAS SABO. This timeless collection features symbols like hearts and entwined rings that symbolise infinity. They’re the perfect way to say “I love you” to someone special by giving them piece of high-quality jewellery.

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Whether it’s for your partner, your best friend or a member of your family, give them a special treat for any occasion with a gift card from THOMAS SABO. You can say thank you on any other day too, because love isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. It’s always worth celebrating.

Jewellery gifts as a symbol of big emotions

Life is marked by numerous milestones and unforgettable moments, which we prefer to remember forever and carry with us. In keeping with this feeling, a number of traditions have developed over many years. Since ancient times, for example, rings have been exchanged during marriage ceremonies. They are to remind the married couple daily of the bond they have entered into. The ring, an unending circle, is a symbol of the infinity of love.

Besides this highly emotive meaning, however, giving jewellery can express much more. Thus a gift of jewellery can equally well convey a message of friendship or simply express that you like the other person very much and know him or her well enough to know his or her tastes. One thing is certain however: Hardly any gift is as enduring as jewellery and still reminds us years later of the wonderful feeling we experienced when we received the piece of jewellery as a gift.

Unique occasions merit unique gifts

Special occasions such as a christening, graduation or wedding deserve a gift that meaningfully highlights the uniqueness of that day. When you give the gift of jewellery, you are opting for a gift with great significance. This gesture alone will leave an impression on the recipient! But emotions are not neglected here either. Especially for jewellery gifts, the symbolic significance of the jewellery mostly exceeds the material value. With an engraved message, you can make the piece of jewellery even more individual with your own words. This way, your loved one can always carry your personal dedication with him or her and will remember the joy and excitement of this special day for many years to come.

Tip: An engraved date elegantly and discreetly captures the memory of that day forever.

Highlight the magic of the holidays with jewellery for eternity

Holidays are not as unique as graduations or weddings, after all they occur every year. However, in our hectic everyday lives, we often forget to thank those who are our most important companions and loved ones. Therefore, the holidays are a wonderful opportunity to consciously show our loved ones how much we love them Christmas for example, for many the most important family celebration, is particularly well suited to expressing the intimacy of family or giving your loved one a special treat that can still be enjoyed many years later and will last for years.

Christmas is not the only celebration that is filled with big emotions. On Valentine’s Day millions of couples all over the world celebrate their love. For this emotive day a necklace is a romantic gift idea. It is worn close to the heart and is a stylish companion for your favourite person in everyday life. On Mother's Day, personal gifts usually make mothers' hearts beat faster. So how about an engravable piece of jewellery as a Mother's Day gift? Thank your mother with an individual message that touches her heart.

Find the perfect jewellery gift with these 6 tips

Whether you want to give jewellery to a woman or a man, one thing is certain: It requires real skill to select the jewellery gift in such a way that it matches the taste of the recipient and brings true joy. But don’t worry! With the following tips you will be perfectly prepared for the jewellery purchase

Tip 1: Pay attention to wearing behaviour

Your loved one does not have piercing holes in his or her ears? Then ear jewellery is& probably a poor choice. The same can apply to rings. If the person receiving the gift never wears rings, just ask if there is a reason for this. If you want to play it safe, buying a bracelet can be the solution. Braceletsare practical everyday companions and are mostly length adjustable.

Tip 2: Go for it! Classify the style

There is no point in giving the person receiving the gift a multi-row necklace adorned with diamonds if he or she is otherwise a rather simple and clear jewellery type. Pay attention to the style of the recipient and don’t just buy the first thing you see because it is expensive or matches your budget.

Tip 3: Observation is everything

We wear the things we like If your loved one prefers to wear Sterling silver, then you should stick to the colour silver. The same applies to yellow gold and rose gold.

Tip 4:Define wearing examples

The recipient works in an office and attends many meetings there? Then a watch is sure to be a suitable everyday companion. Does your loved one love being in nature and catching every ray of sunshine? Then sunglasses would be a wonderful gift. Imagine the person you have in mind, wearing the jewellery. If this image feels right to you, then buy the jewellery you have chosen.

Tip 5: Go for high quality

You have decided to give your favourite person a gift of jewellery. Always opt for high quality jewellery crafted from, for example, 925 Sterling silver. Other metals may cause allergic reactions and skin irritation.

Tip 6: Enquire casually

Choose a discreet moment to show the jewellery you have chosen to the recipient and ask casually if he or she likes it. But be careful: This tip is only for those who are experienced in such things, otherwise the surprise could be spoiled.


How a man can give a sophisticated gift of jewellery

Giving a gift of jewellery to your partner is a token of your heartfelt love. Thank your girlfriend or wife for the time you have spent together, her loving nature and special charisma! Jewellery with customised engraving or with heart pendant is therefore an emotive gift to give special expression to your heartfelt love. With custom engraving, you can either have a personal message, a special date, meaningful initials or the name of a loved one immortalised – or you can simply say with heart-shaped jewellery: “I love you!“

Women don't just want a beautiful piece of jewellery that perfectly matches their style. They love the unexpected. For the perfect moment, it's best to create a romantic atmosphere – the right place and time are crucial. How about a home-cooked dinner and a nice glass of wine? Whatever you decide: Our high quality jewellery crafted from 925 Sterling silver is sure to put a smile on your partner’s face.

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